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March 5, 2009

10 Videos or Less

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Similar to the idea of 10 Items or Less I thought I would find 10 videos or less that I’ve made since I started editing, not including reels.  At this point if I had to chose only 10 to show for these would be them.  I’ve listed them below starting with #1 from the beginning stages of editing up till #10 which is current.  The quality of the videos might not be so great because they are youtube embedded but youtube is where I have uploaded the majority of videos I’ve made.

1.  Insomnia [Experimental Short-Film]

I chose this because it was one of my first films if not the first that I created where I felt inspired to give filmmaking a try.  It was experimental for me at the time in the way I put it together and how it built from just an idea in my head.

2.  San Diego Firestorm 2003 [Short-Documentary/Montage]

I chose this because at the time this was happening I wasn’t completely aware that I was going to end up editing it and putting it together.  It’s edited like basic montage editing.  At the time I wasn’t conscious about framing shots either.. I might of been trying to but didn’t get the idea completely at this point.  The funny thing to me about this video is I remember that for 3 rainy days I sat making this video in UleadStudio or something at my grandmas house editing.  It felt great to accomplish this at the time.. that program was so horrible!!!

3.  Poway High School Dance Team [Short-Documentary]

This one is another documentary that was an assignment in High School.  It was one of the first time I planned everything out with a rough shot list.

4.  An Advertised Life [Experimental Short-Film]

This was an experimental video.  It’s sort of like 2 ideas I had at the time mixed together into one video.

5.  Northstar “American Living” [Student Music Video]

This video I made for class.  It ended up placing 4th place at the Best Fest America Film Festival in 2005.  This was one of my first times where I sat and wrote out a story board for every scene.  I was also experimenting with editing at the time, I wasn’t sure if I completely liked all the affects/filters that I put it because I thought they were cheap.

6.  Fight For Your Right To Party [Short-Documentary/Experimental]

I chose this because for some time I sort of got stuck on fast-pace-random-style videos.  I think it made me understand how things should be on point to the music in order to build some kind of suspense.

7.  Graffiti [Documentary Trailer/Experimental]

I made this probably almost 2 years ago.  I’ve always been interested and kind of inspired by Graffiti Art so I decided to pick up the camera and film some.  I made this short trailer but if it ends up being a short-film I make it probably won’t be any time soon.

8.  Del Mar Racetrack [Experimental/Animation]

I definitely couldn’t relate to the footage that was given to me for this project.  So I decided to edit this entire video with as many different types of visual techniques as possible to display the different kinds of things I can do.  I don’t like uploading to youtube because the quality is horrible and this footage was already 320×240 so the quality isn’t great.

9.  Baseball Bat Project [Rotoscoping Technique]

I chose this because it’s sort of a new route of editing that I’m experimenting with right now.  I’m working within Apple Shake a program I’m definitely not familiar with right now.  By the end of this semester though I think it will lead me to a new form of editing that will hopefully broaden the horizon of capabilities.

10.  New Found Glory [Experimental/Motion Typography]

This is the most recent experimental video I’ve made.  I was experimenting with animating text.  It’s pretty basic but I’ve never done this before so it’s not the best, it might even be the worse attempt at it!


Thats it.. they weren’t great but at each point of my life at these times were sort of “pivotal” points on the way I felt about editing.  As long as I’ve been editing (2000-2001), I think I’ve always tried to branch of and try different ideas/ways of editing.  Hopefully these 10 show that.

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