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February 27, 2009

we don’t finish films, we abandon them.

Ray Roman meets Chris Dickens (Editor of Slumdog Millionaire)

Hhhhm.. Where do I start? We’ll last weekend I went up to LA to meet the Editors who we’re nominated for an Oscar.  It was pretty fun.. we watched a selected scene from each movie and the editors talked about particular techniques they used to cut the scene.  It was also inspiring to hear what they had to say to some of the questions during the Q&A segment of the day.  It’s kind of crazy how some of them actually became an editor for a Hollywood Film that was nominated for an Oscar.  I can’t remember exactly which editor said this but they had mentioned that they started off editing commercials in England and by just meeting someone he was referred to editing Hollywood Movies.  This really made me think of possibilities, opportunities and chance.  I don’t think I am anywhere near ready to edit a full on Film but it almost made the feeling of doubt go away.  I realized that with time, skill and the right people around you anything can happen.  It felt good to be around an environment of editors who all feel the same about cutting movies and movies in general.  One of the editors said that he would almost do this for free but in this life you need money so he’ll take it, it was kinda funny though because I feel the same exact way.  I just dream that one day this is all I will be doing because it definitely would not be a job I’d hate and being able to get paid at the same time.. perfect.  I uploaded some of the pictures from the event on my Flickr account which you should be able to see on the right side of the screen.

Next, School.. I’ve been working on a lot of projects lately that all happened to be due around the same time.  First, I had this “George of The Jungle” news video to cut.  I wasn’t too excited when I heard that this was going to be our 1st project.  I felt that there was no creativity within this and that it was going to be completely boring.  As time went on I began to understand that this is a job that some editors go through everyday trying to cut a piece together ready to be played on the news.  It’s not the direction I want to go in as in editor but it does help you learn to pace and tell a short story in a small amount of time.  The footage was provided to us and we had to follow a short script when we edited it.  It was our job to piece together the story by choosing selected clips to match the audio voice overs.  You can check out the video below, leave any comments on what you think about it.  Is it paced good, does the audio sound right, is there enough natural sound in the background.. basically is this good enough to play on TV?

George of The Jungle

Another project I was supposed to be working on this last 3 weeks or so is the video you wil see below.  We were given video footage of horses racing, walking around and other random shots from the Del Mar Race Track.  The footage wasn’t that great because the camera was shaky and the size was only 320×240.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to edit this because I had a hard time selecting music.  So for about 3 weeks I tried to decide which audio track I was going to start with.  I was originally trying to find some kind of horse song that I could edit to but I really had no connection with the topic of horses.  So over the past weekend I came across a video on Minus The Bears myspace page and decided to go with that.  I thought the track would grab the attention of the viewers and so I decided to take the “experimental” route when editing this.  My main focus was to show as many different ways of editing that I could do and also try a few things I haven’t done before.  Once again the quality isn’t that great and it gets even worse when you post it onto the internet.. Check it out below.

Experimental Horse Project

Last, I made this video below that dealt with rotoscoping.  Its very time consuming.. you basically have to edit frame by frame.  Sort of like editing a picture in photoshop 1000 times.  Except 24 frames or 24 different pictures edited only makes up 1 second of video.  So I ended up editing about 720 frames for a simple 30 seconds, only it was not so simple!  I ran into some problems and realized what I could have done differently that could of saved me SO much time.  By this time it was due and it is what it is.  Like an editor said at the event last weekend.. “We don’t finish films, we abandon them.”  I know this could be better, the more you watch it you will start to notice the flaws within it but it takes experience to become better and in time that should happen.  Check out the video below where I rotoscope myself out of each frame.

I’m already starting on one of my projects tomorrow where I’ll be filming an event and putting together a mini-documentary.  For another project we have to green screen ourselves into a movie.. anybody have any ideas?  I’m thinking a movie I like or maybe something creative where I can place myself into the movie.  I also have to animate a logo and shoot a short movie with actual film!  My goal is to constantly be working on something and trying new methods of editing…

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