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February 10, 2009

Student Projects

Here’s a video I made for my Adobe After Effects class. I thought we had a week or so left to work on the video so I hadn’t even started on it till today. I had to stay for 3 hours during lab time to finish it on time. It didn’t turn out entirely how I wanted it to but it’s all about the grade on this one. Our assignment was to ‘creat a 1 minute video using still images from Photoshop and the transfrom tools in the timeline’. I chose these images because I saw them a couple months back and thought they were amazing. Check out the pictures here.

What’s next?  We’ll I’ve been fiddling around with a few ideas on the side.. but as for school I’m currently working on a “George of The Jungle” video.  The footage was provided to us and we’re supposed to create it as a “news release” story.  Our assignment is to follow a list of edits as if this was for a news broadcast.  I’m not so excited about this because there’s not much creativity in this.  I think it really turns me off from the idea of working for the news.  It never was an idea I ever considered.  Who wants to edit news stories everyday? (not me)!

Anyways, I’m also working on.. well, I haven’t started yet!!  But we’re supposed to create a ‘podcast’ with the provided video footage of horses to ‘represent’ the Del Mar Racetrack.  The footage isn’t so great so I’m not sure exactly how to start.  This is the same teacher I have for my After Effects class and I might want to start on this video tonight because I have the class this thursday and it might be due as well!  I better check on that.

Finally, I’ve been working in Shake once a week in this other class and I think I’ve finally caught on!  We were supposed to start on our projects today, its due next Thursday.  Our assignment requires us to use the following:

1. At least one Layer node.
2. At least one Color Color node.
3. At least one Transform node.
4. The project must have at least one Quick paint Node used for at least half the running time (use of a quick paint node or roto shape is required.)
5. Running time between 15 and 30 seconds.
6. File out format must be 640×480 SD or 720p HD

Your probably don’t understand that but you will see whatever I create very soon.

Oh yeah, last but not least I’ve been doing a lot of writing for a production class I’m in.  We just paired up in groups and we have to make a short 3 minute piece using film.  We don’t have the tools to edit or cut the film so we have to have a well written script with story boards and the whole shibang and edit live.  Also, we’re not allowed to use lights either!  This one should be interesting, our group “Simple Minded Productions”, is writing up separate ideas and we’re going to collaborate next time we meet.  I’m excited for this one because we’re shooting it in film and there’s no audio.  So basically we’re creating a silent film.. I think this is really going to focus on cinematography and telling a story, can’t wait!

That’s it, the end.

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