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January 28, 2009


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It looks like this semesters gonna be a little bit different.  In most of my classes we’re re-editing scenes from movies that the school has the rights to.  I’m not too excited about the non-creative process that this is going to take.  We have to complete a list of tasks on where to cut and edit these scenes (boring).  This does remind me though of a scene from a documentary on Hunter S. Thompson.  Where it was said that he would retype stories of other great writers before him.. but then again the movies the school has the rights to are far from great and so am I.


Anyways, these pictures are from a Lesson from the Apple Shake software that I’m learning.  It involves compositing and is a bit different to me.. There’s not necessarily a timeline to “edit” on but everything is done on a “node tree”.  In this lesson we had to composite the background and the foreground and place the robot in the scene as well.  This is a commercial that we put together that can be seen below.

This is the original commercial, our versions that we worked on ended up pretty much the same.  The robots movement/dancing was already created as a movie file with an alpha channel.. so basically the assignment was to composite images together.  From word of mouth apparently “Shake is like After Effects on crack” or “Shake is like Photoshop for video”.  I don’t know how to really describe the program yet but hopefully by the end of the semester I’ll create something decent in this class.

Looking forward to:  Writing… Making a 10 minute movie… Making a 3 minute silent movie with “film”…




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