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December 11, 2008

This Is The End

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Usually people say how time flew by when its near the end of a certain time frame or something.. we’ll this semester flew by!  Although there were times throughout it I was ready for it to be over but now its finally here.  I learned this semester that I’m a hardcore procrastinator.  I found myself counting down the days the week before a video project was due, still not knowing what I was going to create.  I think it can be a good thing to do this because you push yourself to the limit to the point where whatever the final product turns out to be is the true creativity you forced out of yourself.  This isn’t entirely true though, of course pre-production and planning is important when working on a project.  I think sometimes I’m scared that I won’t meet my own expectations of what I visualize inside my head, so I don’t end up doing certain projects.  I have literally a stack of papers written front and back of ideas that I could someday turn into a scene or movie idea.  I also think that I think so much about everything that I have so much going on in my mind that I just don’t know where to start sometimes.  Although its important to make a plan or set a goal.. its really hard to stick to a plan as a filmmaker because one negative thought could ruin the idea of any project.  But I’ve came up with the plan that I need to constantly film and have things on deck ready to edit.  Of course this is my plan but will it fall through, I don’t know?  I just thought this would keep me one step ahead of myself and if I ever didn’t like the idea of a certain project at any moment I could fall back on something I had already filmed ready for editing.  Below is the video of my final project.  I ended up using this one for 2 classes.  I don’t really feel like I cheated myself this time though.  I seriously made this today within 3 hours of editing.. maybe less.  I had shot some footage of myself talking about different things that I’ve filmed and my thoughts about them.  It was going to be like a mini-documentary on myself (who makes a documentary about themselves?).  Anyways, of course something went wrong.. my plan failed.  This is what I get again for procrastinating.  Here I am in class on the last day available to edit and I can’t render my footage onto the computer!  After wasting about a half and hour I decided it wasn’t going to work and I really had to make something quick!  I came up with an idea along the lines of what I was going to do.  I decided to make a reel displaying different things that I’ve done and are able to do.  I guess this was meant to be.. I wasn’t really feeling the whole mini-documentary on myself either.   But I can always keep that as an idea for later.. I still have the footage of myself talking about myself (weird) on tape.. maybe it can be useful in the future for some other project.  While I’m on the topic of filming myself.. I’ve actually been thinking about the idea of filming myself talk about something on my mind everyday and stock the tapes away somewhere later to find for a possibly project.  It could be like a life-long-narration-video-project that I don’t even know about yet?  Anyways, here’s my reel that I put together within a few hours.  I’m not sure if I’m happy with my choice of music but I needed something upbeat and I really had no time to search for the perfect audio being under the circumstance that I had less than 3 hours to start and finish my final project.  Here it is:

This semester I really focused on diving head first into motion graphics.  I had been editing so many years creating an effect only to find out that there are effects pre-made in other softwares.  Not only is this helpful but it makes me appreciate and realize that for 5+ years as a filmmaker and editor that I had been creating effects from scratch.. which makes me more proud then simply adding a pre-set effect.  But now I’m at the point where its what you do and how you use these pre-set effects that are what matters.  The good thing about them is that you are able to manipulate and change an effect in so many ways that it is pretty much your own.  I think I’ve learned so much this semester by experimenting and using motion graphics on every project.  I will definitely  continue to use and perfect my skills with visual effects.  As for next semester I’m not positive which route I will end up going but I’m going to try and focus on my filmmaking skills again.  I realize its so important that every film or video has a story because without one all the razzle dazzle graphics mean nothing.  Especially having a strong obsession with older films I need to learn how to pace and tell meaningful stories.  I appreciate older films so much, its almost makes me sick to watch a movie these days because everything has special affects.  Off the top of my head one of the closest films that could be considered as a classic to be remembered for years is Titanic.. And that was made a little over 10 years ago!  It defiantly had some special affects using computers but they were used in the right ways to tell the story.  I think one of the reasons I was so focused on learning motion graphics is because thats all people see on TV.  I felt like what I was making wasn’t impressing people.  Not that I was making short films constantly or anything but it got to the point where I felt I was being passed up by the current generations capabilities.  So I’m glad I’m back to school keeping up with the current ways of the digital age!  I still don’t know what route I’ll end up going for a career.  What’s important to me right now is learning all aspects of ways a film can be created, so in the future I can say I could pretty much do it all.  I’ll be in a Shake class next semester so the visual effects will still be around.. I guess I’ll have to find out over time where my place is in all of this.. depending on if I can brush up my story telling skills in filmmaking!  This Is The End.

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