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December 7, 2008

A Foreign Animation

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I thought this animation was very simple but also very expressive.  I think I’ve always been scared of animation.  I took a class for it years ago but it was more for a grade to graduate high school, instead of really trying to learn about it.  I did pick up a few things from it though, on the whole process and importance of shapes.. I don’t even think we got into color.  I’ve been coming across a lot of animations lately and have been taking notice to them more than usual.  After learning “motion graphics” this semester it makes me wonder how far I can branch out into other area’s of work.  Whenever I see some type of film, with motion graphics, animation or the way its edited, always wants to know more.  I think eventually after trying to learn all these different methods, will somehow lead me to where I’m headed.  I know I can do so much and I know that I don’t know everything.. but knowing enough is always better than knowing nothing.  I don’t know if I’m making any sense..  I’m probably only making sense to myself.  I just thought I’d post this because sometimes animation scares the hell out of me and its encouraging to see creativity from another realm of film.

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