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December 4, 2008

Today was a good day..

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Finally it’s thursday and my imagination finally comes into play.. too bad I couldn’t think on monday so I didn’t have to let a whole week go by!  Oh well..  I’ve got a few projects I’m supposed to be working on and finally I came up with almost every idea I’m gonna do for my classes.  Above is a screen shot of  a DVD Menu I’m putting together.  I just did this today, its only one part of the project.  The menu is supposed to start off with a video and lead into an animated main menu and  from there we’re supposed to chose a section that the viewer would make as a selection.  From there it would transition with a short video bit into the next menu.  It’s sort of confusing to explain but I’ll post the final thing when I’m finished.. We only have 3 more school days to make this!!!  Besides that I signed up for a 5th class for next semester!  Its gonna be a shit load of work but I’ll manage to do it!  I’m gonna be learning this program Shake which looks fucking sick.  It’s similar to after affects and motion but apparently you can do other things and it can be really helpful at times.  We had a sub today and he showed us a few examples of what we would do in the class.  He’s the teacher for it and said there was still a lot of room left so I just signed up.  I’m pretty excited for this class along with next semester.. I really need to work on being open to my creativity because I’m gonna have at least 15 different projects to do next semester.  Here’s an example below of what  our first project will be.

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