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November 21, 2008


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FUCK YOUTUBE.  And FUCK TV.  Today I came across a little subject title in my email: “A copyright owner has claimed content in one of your videos”.  I’m sick of this copyright bullshit.  At least 50% of all videos on youtube has to have copyright material in them.  I thought it was called YOUtube?  Where people have some sort of freedom to post something they’ve created with the possible help of music.  What are we supposed to do post nothing but video blogs (vlogs)!?  What is the point of youtube if these companies are going to force youtube to remove your video?  I’ve had this notice multiple times and half of the time I’m allowed to keep the video up so long as they can advertise a banner on my page, or I have to completely change the audio.  Change the audio, to an edited video, to an “allowed” copyright song that doesn’t match your video?  That would pretty much ruin the feeling or emotion the user wanted to create from the video in the first place.  Why not allow the user to advertise a banner of your company on there youtube page?  or play a mini-commercial before our uploaded video?  If you browse 10 videos right now with music content in them you will find at least 1 person asking in the comments, “what song is this???” so what the fuck?  The only reason this pisses me off is because I was actually anti youtube about 3 years ago and I was sucked into it only to find out the youtube rules are a piece of shit.  What’s next, no cursing in a fucking blog?  or if there’s a coca-cola can in my video they are going to remove it??  I guess this just pisses me off because I feel I might actually contributed something worth watching to youtube compared to some little kids dancing to the latest famous artist single.. which is still a form of advertising for any artist or company.  Don’t these companies or corporations understand the downfall of CD purchasing, pirating movies, and that some people don’t even listen to the radio anymore?  The worst part about this stupid e-mail is that if I did re-post my video I would then get another notice saying “Account Warning” and guess what, I already have one of those and next my account along with all 140 videos of mine uploaded are erased!  Well fuck it, thats my youtube rant.




  1. I had a favorite subscription, called Armake21 aka NicotineAlien got his account suspended for some BULLS**T reason, like playing a DEMO of Red Alert 3.

    And By the way, This friday December 19th, is Youtube Blackout Day. This will show you who is the boss around here. Sure they can put crappy policies there, but the fact is, we are the boss around here. Put crappy policies, and people will boycott the site. And That’s exactly what I am doing.

    Comment by James — December 15, 2008 @ 8:53 am

  2. […] to find a rant of mine on this blog but I realized that it was on my previous blog, you can read it here.  You will see my take on why content created by others should be allowed for use so long as it […]

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