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November 12, 2008


“I’m a monster, I’m a maven.  I know this world is changin’ never gave in, never gave up.  I’m the only thing I’m afraid of.  No matter what you’ll never take that from me, my reign is as far as your eyes can see..”

This past few weeks felt like I couldn’t accomplish anything.  It started with being sick.. and during that time of annoyance, my procrastination finally caught up to me.  That’s where my I don’t give a fuck about anything anymore feelings came in (EMO).. I felt like what I had to create (anything) for school and what I wanted to created (something beyond the teachers expectations and possibly my own), we’re not happening.. and I was running out of time.  Of course I could just edit some sort of video and get a passing grade but it didn’t feel worth it to me to waste an idea.

Anyways, I had already been working on a green screen project for one of my classes.  So I decided to take this time to use the video for both classes.  Since I had procrastinated so much and I had only about 6 hours to finish this thing, coming up with another project at the same time and completing it would be impossible.  I felt like I was cheating myself.. but then again last month I had finished a project for a class and ended up recreating it a week before.  So therefor my excuse to myself is that I had made up for it earlier.

I’m allowed to make pretty much anything.. that’s why its frustrating sometimes because its like GO, create something and its due on… compared to be given a genre or topic that the teacher wants us to follow.  I enjoy this in the way that it allows our creativity to come out.. but once again I hate wasting ideas.  What I came up with is a mock of the HP commercials you see on TV.  I wanted to challenge myself and knew I could do this.  This is for my Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro class.. a class where we are still learning the interface (which I am familiar with).. So I branched out and used motion for the graphics and brought it back into Final Cut for the audio and text.  I ran into many problems (thank god I procrastinated).  One problem that really bothers me is parts of the video is choppy.. This was frustrating because I moved from computer to computer at school trying to find one that could handle the affects enough to render out my final version.. as you can see it’s not perfect.  I was planning on masking my fingers so they would appear over the frames and images that I’m holding but I ran out of time!!  My voice (which is awkward hearing your voice on film), I had to try to match the affects of the video because I created the affects first.  So because of that I ended up having to talk really fast in order to get in the words to explain what was going on.  Also the audio might have a few problems because I got the instrumental off of the internet.   Last but not least the green screen was a fabric and this was filmed on a standard consumer camera.. which is the reason for the rough edges around my body.  Enough excuses, here it is (it’s kinda corny):

HP Commercial

UPDATE: I added sound fx to the video so it’s changed a little from the original.  I also changed a few errors I noticed in the video. 12/1/08

Finally this project is done and I can move onto the next without procrastinating this time.. hopefully!  I have been watching a lot of interviews and films on Orson Welles lately.. probably at least up to 7 or 8 hours.  He is mot known for Citizen Kane which has influenced many.. he is also known for not completing films.  I’ve realized from him that although he has a number of unfinished films he always was working on a film.. or two or three or more.  Also, there may of been dull parts or certain aspects of his films that could have been better.. but for his budget, time, and vision there are a number of ideas that are absolute genius.  What I take from him is that you have to experiment, learn and continuously work on projects.  And because of him I’ve found acceptance of imperfections.  In his own words he has never made a masterpiece.  He doesn’t even consider Citizen Kane a masterpiece!  This is because only himself and few others who created the film are aware of the flaws and mistakes.  There’s so much more I could say about him and will probably write about later but Welles is pretty much the most inspiring director/writer/actor ever.. too bad Hollywood doesn’t have anyone like him these days.

It feels good to be finished with this project!  I’m not so proud of the finished piece.. and I don’t think I am with many of the videos I’ve created but I continue to test myself by learning the different things I can do.  If only I had all the right things.. a mac.. an hd camera… so I could do this at a professional level.


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