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November 7, 2008


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I’ve came to the conclusion that awaiting a package in the mail can be one of the most disappointing things that can happen in life.  I ordered something in the mail a little over a week ago and haven’t received it yet.  I’m sure it will arrive any day now.. well considering its the weekend hopefully early next week!  The most disappointing part about waiting for your package to be delivered is it starts off with one day.  One day, after a long day it pops in your mind that you should be receiving something in the mail very soon.  You check, nothing.  The next day, you check.. nothing.  And again the following day, still.. nothing!!  In hopes that it will show up tomorrow day after day.. it’s a continuos let down!  I can’t imagine how it must of felt when mail was one of the only ways to communicate.  Especially during a time of war back in the day when one might be awaiting a letter from somebody.  These days people are fortunate enough to have so many sources of communication – texting, instant messenger, video chat, networking sites, email, phones, etc..  I guess patience is the key here but waiting for something that should be arriving any day can really make a person anxious.

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