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November 2, 2008

A Movie Script Ending

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I need to make a film.  I need to film something.  I don’t mean this week, I don’t mean tomorrow.. I mean today, right now!!  I’ve had weeks to film something or come up with ideas.. which I have come up with ideas but they don’t satisfy me enough to go and make a film about them.  I had an idea for a comedy today but I felt like I woke up and said, you, you and you I need your help.

Something is missing.. friends? ideas? what? when you go and write a script about a comedy only involving 1 or 2 people in the film.. In that case me being one of the actors, me being the camera man, director, etc… It’s like being in a band and I play all the instruments and when it’s time to play live it’s impossible.. The sounds, talent and capabilities are there but to be the actor and camera man at the same time and make something successful enough to make somebody laugh.. scratch that idea.

Talk about procrastination.. This is my last day to film and instead I’m blogging and complaining about how I haven’t made anything and how I have pages of chicken scratch ideas written down but can’t come up with the right idea.  Whenever I make something, I try to do it at my best no matter what situation I’m in.. this time it looks like I’m in a pretty shitty situation with 1 day to film something.. I say 1 day because we’re already supposed to be editing this project for school and I haven’t even came up with the idea or filmed it.. which will later lead to rendering and editing and that takes time!! Time that I’m running out of!

It’s pretty frustrating when everything you do and everything you see involves some sort of creativity.  I turn on the T.V. and I can’t help but notice the graphics and editing techniques used for the commercials.  I throw on a movie and I can’t help but notice camera angles, acting, etc.  I go on the computer and there’s a shit load of things to visually take in.  Especially being at your finger tips where you can browse for ideas all day long and still come up with nothing.. this leading to me going to bed every night for the past I don’t know how many days around 3 am.  And this isn’t just lay in bed, close my eyes and I fall asleep.  This is me physically going to the bed around 1 am only finding myself looking at the clock to find out its 3:30 am and all I have been doing is thinking and THINKING about some sort of creative ideas.

It’s time to throw out all the bullshit and get to work.  This past week being sick was basically a waste of life.  I couldn’t function and I couldn’t think.  Which I became some what content with because I slept for so many hours and had dreams of so many things (creatively thinking again).  This is the week to get down to business and do what has to be done.. now, I have to make this film!!!

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