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October 7, 2008

The Experimental Phase

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I feel like I’m in some sort of Experimental/Learning Phase or Transition..  I probably am.  Lately I’ve been working on a few different projects in school for my Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Motion Graphics classes.  I’ve also been working on other projects/ideas outside of school..  I feel between the point of knowing where I want to be with the capabilities that I have but I also feel like there’s still a lot I need to learn.  Basically I’m working with video, video-editing, motion graphics and web design.  I feel like this is an “Experimental Phase” because I have so little time in class to complete projects, yet I’m trying to learn and go beyond what I’m already capable of doing.  So with the time I’ve had at school and the projects I’ve completed, are what’s lead to the creations that I’ve made.  I’m not proud or satisfied of any of these videos that I’ve completed but it feels good experimenting and figuring out what I could possibly make in the future.

Speaking of the future, I will be getting a MAC pretty soon..  We’ll the beginning of next year.  This is why it’s important I try to soak in as much information that I can with the small time I have in class now.  So when I have my own hands on MAC at home, I’ll already know what I’m capable of doing.

1st – Here’s a video reel of what I’ve done this past month in school.


2nd – Final Cut Pro

For this class it’s very frustrating for me.  I’ve been working with Adobe Premiere for so long that I’ve learned and gained enough experience to say “I’m an editor”.  But since this is a Final Cut Pro class not only are we learning the program (which isn’t so bad) but the teacher is trying to explain the methods and how things should be edited.  It’s frustrating because I don’t think anybody can really understand what she is talking about unless they get hands on experience.  And that’s what I feel that I have.

This was our first project in Final Cut Pro.  She allowed us to do anything we wanted to created.  I originally was going to make a mini-documentary but I had a problem uploading HD Footage on the computers at school and once I finally did, I figured out I had bad audio!  So, I had to come up with something quick.  I decided to create a ringtone commercial with footage I had already rendered onto my external hard drive.  I know this video doesn’t really “flow” but again, I was trying to experience and try different things in each scene.

Lia Ringtone Ad


3rd – Motion Graphics

At first I thought I was going to hate this class but it turns out it’s my favorite class.  There’s so many things I can do in Motion, it’s similar to After Effects.  I know that what I’ve created isn’t the best thing anyones ever seen but this is what I’ve done in about 2-3 weeks worth of time (about 12 hours of school time).  I can’t even imagine the things I could create if I was working in this program at home on my own MAC (I can’t wait for that day to come).

Anyways, our assignment was to create 3 “Templates”.  In other words, create motion graphics and layout a basic format so in the future others could use these “Templates” and simply replace the videos and change the text without having to re-create any of the motion graphics I created.  I first made a “video intro” for a “T.V. Show”.  Second I made another “video intro” with Halloween content.  Once again any of the text can be changed and the videos can be replaced through “drop zones” I created, so somebody could use that template for possibly an event video or some type of intro.  Third I made a DVD Menu..  A lot of people were creating these but our last project in this class is already to make 3 of these so I thought I’d only make one this time around while I experimented with “video intro’s”.  Oh yeah none of these templates originally had sound I added them on youtube to make them more interesting, so if it’s “off beat” it’s not a mistake on my part.

Template 1 – T.V. Show

Template 2 – Halloween Event

Template 3 – Obey DVD Menu


4th – Adobe Premiere

This class is really laid back for me since I’ve been working with Premiere for a while now.  I have it every Monday and Wednesday morning so I also use the class time to touch up other projects because I’ve found myself completing these videos very quickly.  They’re very simple but so far this class is very basic.. considering the majority of these students are beginners.  The “Reel” I posted above was for my second project in this class that we are working on but I might recreate something else because I’m not satisfied with it and I have to the 16th of October to finish it.  The video below is the first project we did in this class and I used pictures to introduce myself.  Once again this is a basic level class so our assignment was simply to try to move text, images, and create transitions.. Here it is:

Introduction Video


The Experimental Phase Continues

So.. that’s that..  Once again I’m not to “proud” of these videos I’m just trying to experiment and try things I haven’t done before in editing/motion graphics.  Next I am open to creating anything again for my Final Cut Pro class.  For my Motion Graphics class I will be re-creating a news piece, trying to make it look similar to the one provided to us.  And I also might be starting over on my 2nd Adobe Premiere project and not turning in the “Reel” I had originally created.  After that I will be onto the next project for that class which will actually deal with video and green screen.  A lot more to do and learn…  I just can’t wait till I’m “THERE”.  But it seems I’m never satisfied or content with the level that I’m at..  I don’t know if that’s a bad thing or a good thing that I constantly want to grow at what I enjoy doing?


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